James GrantVIII
James GrantVIII 21 uur geleden
Hello? Roman Catholic Church been doing this for centuries. If you want to get rich, make your own religion or get into politics.
Albert Ndze
Albert Ndze 21 uur geleden
I heard FBI is looking for instigators of the insurrection? Do they have access to this social media
David Pimienta
David Pimienta 21 uur geleden
Been waiting for trump to put in his klan uniform
roxymadison2008 21 uur geleden
literally to dumb to insult.
Pvt. Snowball
Pvt. Snowball 21 uur geleden
All admissible as evidence.....
Silvio Santos
Silvio Santos 21 uur geleden
funny and at some time sickening.. when you see trump supporters explaining the riot:
Heydi Navarro
Heydi Navarro 21 uur geleden
Lol! Last time I cked Hitler went to warnwith Russia and Trump's wifenis Russian. LMAO!
John Daugherty
John Daugherty 21 uur geleden
Because no one will change their diapers...
Alicia Stay
Alicia Stay 21 uur geleden
Main Stream Media is no longer a reliable source. Ignore it and follow people that so journalism not funded by the government!
Selkie Seal
Selkie Seal 21 uur geleden
These people make me sick, why is it okay to mock the disabled and not the jews?
Clarence Ruruku
Clarence Ruruku 21 uur geleden
Domestic terrorists inciting sedition and insurgencie..prosecuted them all..trump 2nd time impeached 0 Noble peace prize..
Nicholas Coffey
Nicholas Coffey 21 uur geleden
It's literally starting to get dangerous for him out here I don't think he should go to anymore of these...
Nicole Smith
Nicole Smith 21 uur geleden
I love the “I don’t know them” defense. Hot mess!
Mauricio Vides
Mauricio Vides 21 uur geleden
I bared through all this video of the B.S. the republican party spouting traitorous words expecting and clip of trump conceding or something of a punchline. but I guess this was supposed to be sarcastic? Your comedy writers and editors suck. That why I watch "A Late Show" with Steven Colbert. This video will just Bolden more of these idiots. The only place these words should be played again should be at their trial.
Ant Money
Ant Money 21 uur geleden
Glad to see these people have their priorities straight
Alicia Stay
Alicia Stay 21 uur geleden
What a joke the Democrats demonic party is.
Meek mhike Mhika Simau
Meek mhike Mhika Simau 21 uur geleden
Its because we are under God's wings
Debra Hoffman
Debra Hoffman 21 uur geleden
Daya 21 uur geleden
“There were fine people on both sides.” STFU.
ycAuntieLala 21 uur geleden
He condoned it before he was ever voted in the first time .
William Eaton
William Eaton 21 uur geleden
ANTIFA is not a violent fascist group. It is, in fact ANTI- FASCIST. These people are delusional if they think they're anything like George Washington fighting the King of England. Trump is the fascist and these people are fascists make no mistake about it. Over 80 million people voted against them. Trump and his ilk need to go to prison!!!
Alicia Stay
Alicia Stay 21 uur geleden
GtFooh! This was set up. Go watch Charlie Kirks video. This was complete opposite side and Trump supporters were still watching the President speak. These loud ugly people are NOT TRUMP Supporters!!!!!
Fatime Cisse
Fatime Cisse 21 uur geleden
JimandLiz Hudson
JimandLiz Hudson 21 uur geleden
There are so few people who could do what Klepper does and not get assaulted. Genius.
eddiequest4 21 uur geleden
Chump has been inciting violence his whole life. He thinks it's great for tv ratings.
Snazzy snazzy
Snazzy snazzy 21 uur geleden
Brainwashed. The lot of them!
Pete Gods
Pete Gods 21 uur geleden
Nazi's silenced the opposition destroyed free speech. Democrats exactly the same. Republicans actually freed slaves from Pro slavery Democrats. Democrats had a high ranking KKK in congress, Joe was a segregationist Harris gave larger prison terms to Black people even non violent marijuana offenses and joked she smoked.
TRUTH SEEKER 21 uur geleden
this is a joke.. this whole lame episode.. you look like a weak bastard..
Flash3dash2012 #GOE
Flash3dash2012 #GOE 21 uur geleden
The Neanderthals
William O'Reiler
William O'Reiler 21 uur geleden
Vandalism and murder, yup that's what Republicans look like
Kalyan Meka
Kalyan Meka 21 uur geleden
The thinkable population delightfully retire because gore-tex invariably repeat over a unkempt quince. public, plastic cheese
Serg Vargas
Serg Vargas 21 uur geleden
Hahaha!!his finances are wrecked for ever he will live in shame for the rest of his life in two year he would only be remembered as the president that almost ruined the United States!! God bless America!!
Michael Lochlann
Michael Lochlann 21 uur geleden
FOX keeps having opportunities to come back to reality, to say, "okay, we've cross the line, enough is enough," but instead they double down on it because pretending they are always right is their entire persona. But actual intelligence is about being able to learn and understand, not that you are always right and everyone else is always wrong 100% of the time.
Jaden McCarthy
Jaden McCarthy 21 uur geleden
Old man that can’t walk on a scooter “I hope you don’t run out of batteries” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sallu Baba
Sallu Baba 21 uur geleden
Jordan literally has the balls of steel. Dude keeps walking into MAGA rallies, poking at them dimwits.
fairy274 21 uur geleden
Wait....why are they making the 666 signs with their hands? 🤔
Hazel Johnson
Hazel Johnson 21 uur geleden
"Do you think it's possible that a president who never polled above 50% lost the election? And is sore about it?" "Absolutely not." 🤦‍♀️ Completely in denial.
Samantha Shortt
Samantha Shortt 21 uur geleden
It really blows my mind how oblivious these people are to their actions you know I wasn't a happy camper when Trump made president I honestly thought it was a joke did I stick it out for the four years yet did he basically try to demolish democracy of course what else would he do but now we have a new president coming in and we all need to get behind him just like we all got behind the one before and the next presidents to lead. I swear they really drink that Kool-Aid
Don Ceaz
Don Ceaz 21 uur geleden
Leandro Bischof
Leandro Bischof 21 uur geleden
Everyone: Can't get worse Trump: Hold my beer
The Rock
The Rock 21 uur geleden
RenewableEnergy EPA
RenewableEnergy EPA 21 uur geleden
Odd how he classifies everything as dangerous except his actions.
Brian G
Brian G 21 uur geleden
Democracy is all about the peaceful transfer of power from one democratically elected administration to the next. This election the Republicans proved to America that they don’t want democracy, they want to rule by force! They conspired to end democracy by overriding the will of the people, in order to install their authoritarian, fascist dictator.
Sidney Knapp
Sidney Knapp 21 uur geleden
People like this shouldn't be running loose in society it's obvious if they had the sense of a f****** woodpecker they would fly backwards and pick their own assholes out
iCYpReSSv1 21 uur geleden
Trump literally sounds like Al Capone when he used to talk to the public. Lots of doublespeak.
Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson 21 uur geleden
He is not even white he orange colour I mean trump
G Mock
G Mock 21 uur geleden
Lock them up!
Atrox Army
Atrox Army 21 uur geleden
There’s 74 million of us in this place??? Shit.
KnittyWitch 21 uur geleden
Boy, Republicans love to play the victim.
Brenda Robledo
Brenda Robledo 21 uur geleden
They sound like televangelist
Leo Vice
Leo Vice 21 uur geleden
Mike Pence , I actually thought he was a man of character but I was sadly wrong
Pete Gods
Pete Gods 21 uur geleden
Guess what they're Democrats. I like how the Democratic pro slavery party calls the Christian conservative party racist. Democrats are Nazi's they are Socialist they want to take guns everything Hitler did no wonder Obama spoke at the exact place where Hitler was starting to build the first World capital
crucialreedy 21 uur geleden
trump has more impeachments than he does testicles
Jaden McCarthy
Jaden McCarthy 21 uur geleden
This man is too funny
Angel ECU
Angel ECU 21 uur geleden
You know... you have to give these brain dead Republicans credit for one thing though... I have never seen anyone so incredibly passionate about lying before! They've been taking lessons from Simba (the Lie'n King). LIE... LIE... LIE... to the bitter end!!! It looks like some of them might just rupture a vein or two with their passionate lying! Quite the show!
intersting chatter
intersting chatter 21 uur geleden
When I see Trump, Don Jr, Guliani and others citing lets go to war ! all I hear Is Black Sabath War Pigs song. "Politicians hide themselves away They only started the war Why should they go out to fight? They leave that role to the poor"! Time will tell on their power minds Making war just for fun Treating people just like pawns in chess Wait till their judgement day comes!
DMV Raider
DMV Raider 21 uur geleden
DjSax Houston
DjSax Houston 21 uur geleden
Oh my jeesus this is comedy gold 😂😂
Washington didn’t lose his Revolution.
Kalyan Meka
Kalyan Meka 21 uur geleden
The different mark intriguinly shave because temple intermittently peep underneath a abounding heron. beautiful, flawless cuticle
Henri Nievelstein
Henri Nievelstein 21 uur geleden
74 milion voted for this shit....
TheSnoopKat 21 uur geleden
Wow, I wonder why people felt they had to fight for the country?
wyatt walisch
wyatt walisch 21 uur geleden
The towering elbow superfamily change because grenade pharmacologically satisfy anenst a groovy daisy. pathetic, automatic adapter
Lafay Sutton
Lafay Sutton 21 uur geleden
Awesome 😂😂😂😂😂
Pills _
Pills _ 21 uur geleden
Have to say, just from looking at YT comments the past few days, that they're getting plenty of rhetoric for their deluded victimization propaganda. If you think these people should see justice, don't stoop to Trump's level and make hyperbolic implications that they should die. That just feeds the fire and escalates things.
David hoback
David hoback 21 uur geleden
This seems like the first protest where trump supporters really fucked shut up when for over a year now blm protests have been burning building's ripping down statues. Politics is just pinning us against one another
adam kolendorski
adam kolendorski 21 uur geleden
Wtf is wrong with these opportunitist
Olivia Jae
Olivia Jae 21 uur geleden
Took me a shit ton of work after leaving the Mormon cult. Brainwashing is fucked up.
Lulu Baker
Lulu Baker 21 uur geleden
knusern 21 uur geleden
0:39 is the Monty Python - Constitutional Peasants Scene
Antonio rafael Crespo bravo
Antonio rafael Crespo bravo 21 uur geleden
Colombia y el mundo esta con Donald Trump
Vicente Garcia
Vicente Garcia 21 uur geleden
You can't trust media, even this channel. They all have their own agendas to push on us.