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8 dagen geleden

Donald Trump may not seem like commander-in-chief material to Americans, but in certain African countries, he fits the bill. #DailyShow #DonaldTrump #Throwback
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Peace Israel
Peace Israel 24 minuten geleden
What do you think about Africa?
Bond 007
Bond 007 40 minuten geleden
anele kay
anele kay Uur geleden
Trevor you are missed. Come back
Crus R
Crus R Uur geleden
u talking rubbish, Trevor.
jean ramambason
jean ramambason Uur geleden
THE WORDS AFRICAN PRESIDENT are very disparaging for the Africans IN GENERAL.. A whatever is bad is african philosophy is a show of a disdain towards the african character. Donald Trump is a pure white male american. His supporters are of the same substances. Why acting agaimst his own people would transform him into an african ??? totally ridiculous assumptions....and absurd,
Helen Inedu
Helen Inedu Uur geleden
OMG 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Trevor will not kill me with Laughter
Hannes Botha
Hannes Botha 2 uur geleden
Ag trevor you are not even American shame
Astrobrant2 2 uur geleden
This was one of those videos I clicked on with an "oh, why not?" attitude. WOW! Talk about being pleasantly surprised! I think this was one of the best videos I've seen in a long time. Despite the comedic context, this turned out to be scary accurate! Outstanding job, Trevor & company! Added to favorites. Hey, Trevor, how is it that you're the only person who actually looks _younger_ after four years of Trump?
Georgia Woolley
Georgia Woolley 2 uur geleden
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Paul Airola
Paul Airola 2 uur geleden
What is the news media going to do once Trump is gone? What is Noah going to bitch about? The $1400. crum check? Maybe poor people can use it to rent a U-haul and move to a state that's open for business?
Abdulaziz Hassan
Abdulaziz Hassan 2 uur geleden
now USA have a dictator now what do you say to that. its real suck it USA.
esteban collazo
esteban collazo 2 uur geleden
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jobs lee
jobs lee 3 uur geleden
TOT TOT 3 uur geleden
The reason I support Pelosi is that her breasts fascinate me!
jep jepper
jep jepper 3 uur geleden
Santi Mig
Santi Mig 3 uur geleden
Still butt hurt that Trump became president 😂
Melissa T
Melissa T 3 uur geleden
Cover the Big Tech Censorship and the New World ORder you dumb F's, how much money and fame did they promise you to sell out your morality or did you have zero to begin with?? If they care about Violence the BLM and Antifa riots wouldve been shut down time and time again!
Davina Tuzeyi Ngoma
Davina Tuzeyi Ngoma 3 uur geleden
Not funny 😒
Davsaint 5 uur geleden
Make third world countries great again!!!!!
Temesgen Getahun
Temesgen Getahun 5 uur geleden
I am an African guy. How the hell you proposed me a beast Trump to make him my president?
peter mugo
peter mugo 5 uur geleden
Choices have consequences , Uganda is issuing travel advisory to US.
Thomas Nichol
Thomas Nichol 5 uur geleden
Really Trevor?
Vikram C
Vikram C 5 uur geleden
Trump did not do anything that will remotely make him look like a dictator. The dictator here is Pelosi who controls all the Democrats, does not allow decent, kicks out anyone who does not agree with her, and is working on a One party socialist plan for US. Hate news is the reason for Pelosi's dictatorship.
Umo Ntekim
Umo Ntekim 6 uur geleden
Not funny at all
Jon Tung
Jon Tung 7 uur geleden
Unfit cause he’s not a fake like all you politicians?
prenti 7 uur geleden
God, so many NPC's in the comments.
misolou fout
misolou fout 8 uur geleden
This video was so prescient, given the last 2 months. We've become the world's biggest banana republic.
Khashane Motloutsi
Khashane Motloutsi 8 uur geleden
Trevor in your eyes who is the best president that the USA and Africa combined have produced over the past 100 years given that you are comparing...? Please put down a name. I would love to hear your opinion. Your fans are also welcome to take a jab at this question.
Theo Blignaut
Theo Blignaut 9 uur geleden
You should know seeing from Africa yourself You are not even funny.
misolou fout
misolou fout 8 uur geleden
The amount of brainwashed idiots here is very concerning. You really need to stop watching this propaganda and start thinking for yourselves.
bam b
bam b 9 uur geleden
This is a joke but is an offensive. If Trump is a dictator classify him as the first American dictator but not as an African dictator
Gazza Singh
Gazza Singh 9 uur geleden
I almost thought it was a new video. Damn! Trevor Noah saw this coming. I never thought a mob could take over the Capitol house. But he knew anything can happen with Trump in power.
Rami G
Rami G 9 uur geleden
The caption is %100 racist F U for being racist
Dartagnan James
Dartagnan James 10 uur geleden
My landlord is from Uganda and a huge trump supporter. I live in DC and we talked about the insurrection and he was like "Yeah man, people are angry." like. Ohh.
daniel bowlin
daniel bowlin 10 uur geleden
Trump was one of America's best Presidents!
Oan R.
Oan R. 10 uur geleden
Jeanie Michelle
Jeanie Michelle 10 uur geleden
You are a nut 🤪
splintEight 11 uur geleden
This has sadly aged well
Yuri Bezmenov
Yuri Bezmenov 11 uur geleden
The deniers here come under the heading "it's easier to fool someone than to convince them they've been fooled". Notice THEY uses Socialism and Communism interchangeably. If you're not a Communist when you start the path toward Socialism you will be soon thereafter. Some here say things like "we only want .___ and _____. Get a decent job that pays pretty well and buy what you need/want in life. Don't ask the collective to grant you your version of "hope and change".
Dorian 4 uur geleden
Ok, Yuri...
Magda Bielecka
Magda Bielecka 11 uur geleden
Trevor I LOVE YOU❤❤❤
Barikiwa 11 uur geleden
Lols bingooo
yılmaz altuntas
yılmaz altuntas 11 uur geleden
Trump is stupid but you aren't? well, time will tell...
satyam sinha
satyam sinha 11 uur geleden
Trever ' . you country need an intervention !! 😌 .
JESUS CHRIST SAVES 11 uur geleden
❤💞The Gospel of salvation of our souls:💜💕💜💖💞💜💕For what I received I passed on to you as of [first importance]: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, and that he appeared to Peter, and then to the Twelve. After that, he appeared to more than five hundred of the brothers and sisters at the same time,
ra sa
ra sa 12 uur geleden
luckynumber 457
luckynumber 457 13 uur geleden
The amount of brainwashed idiots here is very concerning. You really need to stop watching this propaganda and start thinking for yourselves.
Kristoffer Hansen
Kristoffer Hansen 13 uur geleden
No more Trump. Time to go home.🍌🥥🦧
terell davis
terell davis 13 uur geleden
Id take Trump over Cyril and Zuma any day.
leadsolo 13 uur geleden
Can't wait for Biden to take the Top Office and Screw-up the Great US of A BiG TiME !! Wonder what this boy would be saying then :D
Lynn Puar
Lynn Puar 13 uur geleden
Rob j
Rob j 14 uur geleden
you're FAKE NEWS
EyesOfByes 14 uur geleden
A good old classic. A well earned reupload.
El Tío
El Tío 14 uur geleden
You cracked me up, as always!
Ty Leyden
Ty Leyden 14 uur geleden
Lol dude you aren't good at your job and I can just shake my head your .'re a tool xD. Bro you try to be funny but you just aren't
Lianthang Puii
Lianthang Puii 14 uur geleden
We are with you Mr President admiring all great things you have done for making America great and keeping the world order.May God bless you abundantly times to come.
Lianthang Puii
Lianthang Puii 14 uur geleden
Akuma Hungry Wolf
Akuma Hungry Wolf 15 uur geleden
Plot Twist: Trump is actually a communist spy. That's why he pretends to hate china to avoid any kind of suspicions
Akuma Hungry Wolf
Akuma Hungry Wolf 15 uur geleden
Crazy Trump supporters. You are my brothers and sisters even though I'm no trump supporter. But Please my brothers and sisters... Kindly open your eyes and realize how trump has been trying to divide us for his own benifits. Please stop believing whatever trump says blindly like primitive cave people. This is 2020. You guys should also keep up with the era and be smarter. Just... What the fuck happened to this country man... Do you guys really want to dig your own graves just to regret after a few years later? It's not too late open your eyes my brothers and sisters. If a stupid civil war breaks out then it will be too late
Donna Morin
Donna Morin 16 uur geleden
Lier Lier
lindor covas
lindor covas 16 uur geleden
listen to me pre-civilized, be more respectful to president trump who gave you a place to live so that you are not the food of your chief of your tribe in Uganda the cannibal of Idi Amin
Monica C
Monica C 17 uur geleden
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David Dylong
David Dylong 17 uur geleden
Are you saying Trump set up a diversion? His own diversion?
annag cocl
annag cocl 17 uur geleden
Um, African presidents don't lose elections. That's like African president class 101.
Pocky 17 uur geleden
This is so funny but sad
Phil Brenman
Phil Brenman 18 uur geleden
My, my, my.... how interesting to see how the masses are being brainwashed to hate Trump. Unbelievable.
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich 18 uur geleden
Lindsey Graham saying Trump is unfit? Time flies. Hahaha
annag cocl
annag cocl 17 uur geleden
is he generalising all african presidents and saying they're bad?
chris vanegas`
chris vanegas` 18 uur geleden
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Arius Nowak
Arius Nowak 18 uur geleden
Now comrades, I think you know who the enemies of the nation and the motherland are.
Otsu's Pyre
Otsu's Pyre 18 uur geleden
Same old Racist narrative promoted by Trevor Noah, and disguised as comedy.
Ulric Brima
Ulric Brima 5 uur geleden
What the hell are you talking about?
David Dylong
David Dylong 19 uur geleden
Check! If Trevor Noah had a party and Trump crashes his party! It's Trevor fault for playing loud music, it's Trevor's fault! check! Sounds like smoke screen Check! Scapegoat for sneetches! check!
Don yang
Don yang 19 uur geleden
before I finish the video, can I just say, I know this day would come after watching the "First African president part 1?" by Trevor Noah years ago?.
Ether 19 uur geleden
Trevor noo-nothing at it again
Maxikickz 19 uur geleden
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King Ukno
King Ukno 19 uur geleden
it's sad cause wat trump said is true there called stuffers or drug mules and we can assume some r sex trafficked but some jus want a better life all n all we all need 2 do better
Oahu Kid
Oahu Kid 19 uur geleden
Such disrespect for Trump... you have no idea the monsters you are inviting into the White House.. KAMALA BIDEN
B A Weevil
B A Weevil 19 uur geleden
Lol, that's hysterical. Good observation.
Jorge Orpinel
Jorge Orpinel 19 uur geleden
Why are you insulting Africa with this comparison and propagating stereotypes based on THE 3 worst African presidents in modern history? Why don't you try to inform the ultra-world-ignorant people of the USA about Oumar Konare, Nkrumah, or Mandela at least? #SAD
William the Wookie
William the Wookie 19 uur geleden
I've never heard him speak Xhosa. That was very cool!!
MSgt Baca
MSgt Baca 20 uur geleden
Hoang My Loan
Hoang My Loan 20 uur geleden
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justasking 21 uur geleden
is he generalising all african presidents and saying they're bad?
Expats World
Expats World 21 uur geleden
Melanie George
Melanie George 21 uur geleden
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Tony Varadaraj
Tony Varadaraj 21 uur geleden
If you black-face Biden, he looks like Robert Mugabe.
Moorman, Jean
Moorman, Jean 21 uur geleden
But he got banned from Twitter!! SO UNFAIRRRRR
Petr Skočík
Petr Skočík 22 uur geleden
President man-woman-camera-tv wouldn't be able to remember such an elaborate title.
Patricia Sansom
Patricia Sansom 23 uur geleden
Soon russian and chinese invasion you all will say how did this happen then you will hear from heaven you have abandoned the lord of hosts now you will.fight the coming wars without the spirit of the lord you will.enter in to captivity however their will be no media shows in that day in hour as your captors violate the people and cities
Carmel Villard
Carmel Villard 23 uur geleden
I heard Gaddafi wanted to do good s*** in Africa Thats why he got killed.
Steve Radanovich
Steve Radanovich 23 uur geleden
Out of context scumbags.
Steve Radanovich
Steve Radanovich 23 uur geleden
He proved that all dead wrong.
Glory to God
Glory to God 23 uur geleden
"America's African president" what a racist title! means American deserve democratic leaders and Africans deserve a dictator" that is what your colonizers told you trevor "disgrace Africans"! Grow up little boy!
Eugene Che.
Eugene Che. 23 uur geleden
It's bulling. You do not know what you are doing. US is banana republic these days.
NisiCaloponis 23 uur geleden
Democrats couldn't accept Trump won ... they constantly attacked one of the greatest american resident in the world (he is not without mistakes, but his foreign policy wa0s Peace Nobel rewarding ...) They tried to impeach Trump with all their lie machines, CNN, BBC and all that disgusting flunky propaganda liar "media", they lied constantly about s.xual harrasment, it was al lie ... they constantly rioted on the streets and finally sent out G.S.'s rebel mob, blm and antifa on streets rioting, looting ... they constantly threatened and censored conservatives .. finally they can't managd a clear and undoubtly fair elections ... and now they felle 'disgust' some hundred Trump extremists ? Is this democracy? Pathetic ... Trump supporters lost their job because of quarantine and riots, they lost everything, you disgustin democrats are even can't wait him to left his office .... Pathetic! Pathetic! Biden is even not a president but he and his mob made USA a pathetic pseudo-democracy falng into one-party system .. Long Live Trump, the greatest and true President. Greatings from Eastern-Europe and you true Americans do fight against american neobolshevism!
Matt Newhouse
Matt Newhouse Dag geleden
More disrespect of our president. 4 years of this bs and even now. You guys are sore losers and sore winners.
Douglas Johnson
Douglas Johnson Dag geleden
Trump and his enablers must be prosecuted.
Mushrooms Uur geleden
You want your mom to be prosecuted?
Susan Hainlin
Susan Hainlin Dag geleden
I've been saying that tRump is America's Idi Amin Dada ever since he was first elected.
CHARLES RWEKAZA 7 uur geleden
madirae01 Dag geleden
He just showed all of you mainstream fake news clowns who the true dictators are . And No matter what, He wins ! 😉
david fadzai
david fadzai Dag geleden
U can't compare African leaders to trump Rip Robert Mugabe
Sarah Rosenberg
Sarah Rosenberg Dag geleden
The dictators are communists murderes opressing the entire world. Starting from taking freedom of speech.
Kathleen Dag geleden
There was a doctor who cured a little girl from aids in Africa. Her mother testified before Congress. If you were a journalist, you would do the research. But you’re not, you’re a puppet pushing propaganda.
Donovan Murugan
Donovan Murugan Dag geleden
This is the worst show ever.
Peter boyle
Peter boyle Dag geleden
Brownshirts burning down reichstag. Hmm where have I seen this recently
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